The 2,025 acre (820 ha) site offers a variety of special tracks and surfaces for automotive and tire testing, as well as event management.

Fully-equipped confidential workshops with IT-access, inspection and work stations, idle boxes, weather stations and fuel stations. In addition, private offices are available and outfitted with high-speed internet connections, phones, fax, printers, and copiers.
A multimedia conference room is also available for meetings upon request.

A. Engineering

  • Test Development
  • System Integration
  • Test Vehicle Build
  • Physical Benchmarking
  • Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis & FMA, FMEA Design
  • test route development

B. Test Facility Rental

  • Leasing of test tracks, workshops and testing facilities
  • Support for the organization and execution of projects incl. test drivers, mechanics, technicians, engineers, etc.
  • Execution of and support for any kind of presentations and events on the Proving Ground
  • Services, Physical Testing & Audits

C. Physical Testing & Audits

  • Physical Testing & Audits of Vehicles, Systems, & Components
  • Controlled Testing (Proving Ground, End of Line, Lab)
  • Real Life Testing (Fleets, Private Vehicles)
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