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05.04.2013 | Pressemitteilung

AKKA Technologies will be at the Aircraft Interiors show to demonstrate its Design and Aircraft Modification Certification skills

Market leader in the field of aeronautic engineering, the AKKA Technologies Group will be at the Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg, the international trade event dedicated to interior aircraft design. This gives the Group the perfect opportunity to showcase its customer support services, represented by its brands, Aeroconseil and Octogon. For its part, MBtech will be presenting its “Interior Architecture” solutions, inspired by the automotive world.

Aircraft Interiors Expo

Aeroconseil’s Aircraft Modification services are a unique asset in Europe thanks to the Part 21 J&G (DOA/POA) DOA approval* achieved by Aeroconseil. This approval gives them the chance to develop and grant STCs (Supplemental Type Certification) in the fields of avionics, aerostructures and cabin design.

1. Nordic Aviation Capital asked AKKA Technologies to design a modification program for the remarketing of its fleet of ATR72s & 42s.

Aeroconseil’s teams worked on the cabin redesign, integrated systems and avionics equipment upgrades for a fleet of ATR72s belonging to Nordic Aviation Capital. Drawing on Aeroconseil’s expertise, the aim for the Danish aircraft manufacturer (market leader for independent aircraft leasing for regional fleets) was to speed up the process of making aircraft available to international airlines.

Responsiveness and flexibility are two key criteria for anyone involved in aircraft leasing. Fleets have to be reconfigured to meet client demand within very tight deadlines. The expertise of Aeroconseil’s Aircraft Modifications department adapts aircraft interiors and avionics systems according to the standards of the airlines. Aeroconseil designed and EASA[1] / FAA[2] certified engineering dossiers (because of their Part 21 J&G approval) for Nordic Aviation Capital. Thanks to the network of brokers that it has been able to develop, Aeroconseil could source and buy telephone equipment (Galleys, Emercall Handset, Over Head Bin etc.) and the associated installation kits.

They were therefore able to reduce supply lead-times significantly and cut the deadlines for recommissioning Nordic’s aircraft fleet. This project was completed in less than a year, consolidating AKKA Technologies’ position in the field of aircraft modifications and illustrating the impressive DOA[3] / POA[4] capabilities made available to lessors and airline companies.

As Aeroconseil’s Commercial Director Stéphane BOLLON explains, “The market trend shows that airline companies need to be incredibly flexible when it comes to adapting their fleet and the service levels of their aircraft to current demands. We need to keep in mind that the slightest modification in an airplane requires considerable technological expertise. This trend will without doubt accelerate, foreshadowing the major expansion of the avionic modification market.”

“Being able to meet the needs of airline companies gives us a real competitive edge in this business. The know-how demonstrated by Aeroconseil’s teams in terms of reconfiguring airplanes and integrating avionics systems, along with their certification process support, helps us respond to the new challenges in the avionics sector,” concludes Melvin Kelly, VP Asset Management from Nordic Aviation Capital.

2. AKKA Technologies certifies the integration of iPad docks in A320 and A330 cockpits.

Making sure pilots can use tablet computers during take-off and landing was a real problem that has been solved by Aeroconseil’s experts. They have come up with a system incorporating a bracket for tablets and Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs). The first solutions to be certified by the end of March, have been added to the list of 700 “Supplemental Type Certificates” and modifications offered by Aeroconseil.

The use of tablet computers is part of the challenge of reducing the weight of airplanes. Replacing the bundle of pilot manuals, tablets represent a reduction of 30kg. On top of this saving, there was a need to think of and design the bracket for the tablet, since the bracket must comply with considerable operational restrictions (quality, materials etc.) as it is the case with any piece of equipment integrated into an airplane cockpit. Developed from a ball joint fixed to the cockpit window frame, the iPad bracket is adjustable and does not impede the view of the flight deck. It can also display apps in both landscape and portrait mode.

Thus pilots can view navigation maps, approach charts, calculation software, and much more. The certification for the installation of the iPad bracket is available for the A320 family and on the A330 and will be extended to other planes thanks to Aeroconseil’s DOA/Production Organisation Approval.

“iPad technology is coming to airplane cockpits. Airline companies can see the huge benefits in terms of weight and space, and the pilots are well aware of the value of an easy-to-handle device with smart apps that will soon be essential, particular for take-off and landing. Until now, there has been no appropriate solution that has enabled the pilot to use a tablet conveniently and safely. The bracket that we are certifying is an ergonomic, quick and economical response to something lacking in cockpits,” explains Stéphane Bollon, Aeroconseil’s Commercial Director.

This new concept is another excellent illustration of the synergies between different levels of technology, from different sectors. This product is the result of collaboration between a number of different fields, giving the engineers at AKKA, Europe’s leading engineering and technology consultancy group, the chance to be rewarded for their know-how and to take another step forward in the world of innovative solutions.      

3.  AKKA Technologies comes up with a truly innovative cabin configuration solution

MBtech will be presenting the CGI StepCamp, a new cabin configuration solution. Working as an exclusive cooperation partner with CGI, MBtech uses the system in combination with a high-performance viewer to configure trim and fitting variants consisting of both 3D components and electrical development. The solution interfaces directly with the PDM (Product Data Management) system to access real development and design data. As a result, the costs for the configuration variance requested by the customer can be calculated immediately for both initial outfitting and conversion projects.

Furthermore MBtech will be demonstrating its interior design expertise, including design, digital mock-ups, interior concept validation, colour & trim and model construction. The visitors in Hamburg will have the opportunity to watch live drawings of style ideas for aircraft interiors.

[1] European Aviation Safety Agency

[2] Federal Aviation Administration

[3] Design Organisation Approval

[4] Production Organisation Approval

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